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STS-124: Flight Day 14

With their mission at the ISS wrapped up and the orbiter inspected, Discovery's crew is getting ready to come home tomorrow morningNASA reports:

Discovery Crew Prepares for Saturday’s Landing

iss017e009395 -- Space shuttle Discovery
Image above: Space shuttle Discovery is pictured from the International Space Station shortly after undocking. The shuttle's robotic arm with the orbiter boom sensor system extends over its empty payload bay. Photo credit: NASA

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The crew members of space shuttle Discovery are spending today getting ready for their return home and the end of the STS-124 mission. Among the preparations is a test of the thrusters that will be used to position the orbiter for re-entry and the control surfaces for its flight through the atmosphere.

The STS-124 astronauts also will set up the recumbent seat for Mission Specialist Garrett Reisman, who joined the crew of Discovery on the International Space Station. Reisman, who served as Expedition 17 flight engineer for three months, was replaced on the station crew by NASA astronaut Greg Chamitoff.

STS-124 arrived at the station June 2, delivering the Japanese Pressurized Module (JPM), the second and largest component of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s Kibo laboratory. The tour bus-sized JPM was attached to the left side of the Harmony connecting node by shuttle and station crew members during a series of three spacewalks.

Discovery is scheduled to land at Kennedy Space Center, Fla., tomorrow.

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