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July 2008
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“We Have Water”!

NASA Spacecraft Confirms Martian Water, Mission Extended

Moon-walker claims alien contact cover-up:

FORMER NASA astronaut and moon-walker Dr Edgar Mitchell - a veteran of the Apollo 14 mission - has stunningly claimed aliens exist. And he says extra-terrestrials have visited Earth on several occasions - but the alien contact has been repeatedly covered up by governments for six decades.,23599,24070088-13762,00.html

Manned spaceship design unveiled:

The first official image of a Russian-European manned spacecraft has been unveiled. It is designed to replace the Soyuz vehicle currently in use by Russia and will allow Europe to participate directly in crew transportation.

Today In Space History: Apollo 11 Landing

Today marks 39 years since astronauts first walked on the moon. Apollo 11's Eagle lunar module touched down on the lunar surface on 20 July 1969.

Today is also the 32nd anniversary of Viking 1's successful landing on the surface of Mars in 1976.

Today is also the 9th birthday of NewsFromSpace!

Moonlighting NASA Engineers:

Moonlighting NASA Engineers Say They've Created a Rocket Better Than NASA's:

By day, the engineers work on NASA's new Ares moon rockets. By night, some go undercover to work on a competing design....JUPITER.,2933,382261,00.html


The weapons of World War III

It will 'be fought in the electromagnetic spectrum'

"The U.S. Army is convinced that the Russians have already designed 'kinetic weapons' and 'directed energy weapons' (apparently lasers) for ASAT warfare"....