August 2019
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Shenzhou VII: Landing!

China's first 3-man space mission landed early this morning, returning from a 68-hour flight which featured that country's first spacewalk.

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Shenzhou VII: First EVA!

CCTV: Screenshot from Shenzhou VII EVA"Taikonaut" Zhai Zhigang has made history as China's first spacewalker. The EVA took place early this morning, and lasted about 20 minutes. The flight, with the first 3-man crew in the Shenzhou program, lifted off Thursday and is scheduled for re-entry early Sunday.

Pics here. Videos here. Discussion here.

China Fakes Reports From Space

China's state news agency published a dispatch from the country's three latest astronauts describing their first night in space before they had even left Earth.

China Counts Down To Thursday Space Launch

JIUQUAN, China (Reuters) - China will send its third manned mission into space on Thursday evening on a mission which will include its first space walk, the government said on Wednesday.

Buzz Aldrin: Invest in NASA to beat the Chinese to Mars

Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the Moon, has issued a stark warning that America must invest now in the US space agency NASA, or surrender leadership of space exploration to Russia and China.

Russia, China propose new treaty to ban arms in space

Russia and China have proposed a new treaty to ban the use of weapons in space, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Tuesday, amid concerns of growing anti-satellite missile rivalry.

U.S. Satellites Dodge Chinese Missile Debris

Two orbiting U.S. spacecraft were forced to change course to avoid being damaged by the thousands of pieces of space debris produced after China carried out an anti-satellite weapon test one year ago today.

Dragon Space 2008

China Reports Fourteen Potential Astronauts In Training For Three Seats.