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Unmanned US Spacecraft Returns After 7-Month Trip

Click for X-37B slideshowVANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. (AP) - The U.S. Air Force's secrecy-shrouded X-37B unmanned spaceplane returned to Earth early Friday after more than seven months in orbit on a classified mission, officials said.

US Military’s Top-Secret X-37B Shuttle ‘Disappears’ for Two Weeks, Changes Orbit

X-37B image courtesy of USAFAmateur astronomers are enjoying a cat-and-mouse game with the US military in keeping track of its secret space plane, the X-37B.

Memorial Day 2010

Florida Today: Jeff Parker Memorial Day Editorial Cartoon - Copyright © 2010, .Memorial Day is here again. Please take a moment of silence at 3PM (your local time) to remember all the men and women who gave all in order to defend the United States.

Air Force’s Mystery X-37B Robot Spaceship to Launch Today

The United States Air Force's novel robotic X-37B space plane is tucked inside the bulbous nose cone of an unmanned rocket and poised for an evening blastoff from Florida tonight on a mission shrouded in secrecy.

X-37B Image courtesy US Air ForceUPDATE: Live video of launch at ULA
- also live video at Space Launch News and SpaceflightNow.

Play-by-play at SpaceflightNow and FlaToday. Discussion at NasaSpaceflight.

Launch is scheduled for 22 Apr 2010 7:52PM EDT (2352 GMT) from Cape Canaveral's Pad 41.

Secret Military Space Plane Primed For Test Launch

A secretive military spacecraft resembling a small space shuttle orbiter is undergoing final processing in Florida for launch on April 19.

A 10 minute video on a flight of the U-2 Spy plane

Merry Christmas!

Best Christmas wishes to all our readers! Kids, track Santa's journey around the world tonight at! Now, it works with Google Earth!

Also, there's still time to send Holiday Greetings to the ISS crew. Here is their message to us.

U.S. Air Force Aims to Launch Space Plane Next Year

It has been a long haul to the launch pad, but the U.S. Air Force and Boeing are gearing up to loft the X-37B – an unpiloted military space plane. Launch is targeted for January 2010.
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